President: Kristyn Farrell

My name is Kristyn, and I am a third year Civil Engineering student at the University of Ottawa. I joined the UOttawa CSCE Chapter two years ago because I wanted to get involved in my school community and participate in events such as speaker nights and site tours that enabled me to see and experience real life applications of civil engineering.

I am now the President of the UOttawa CSCE Chapter. My main responsibility as President is to oversee all of the Chapter’s affairs including events, member registration, and merchandise; and to coordinate the executive committee (a team of Vice Presidents, Directors, Year Representatives, and Volunteers) in the orchestration of the Chapter’s affairs.

My goal for the UOttawa CSCE Chapter this year is to maintain a well-functioning, cooperative, and efficient executive committee, because this will enable our Chapter to host more events and get more students involved. I plan on doing this by being a positive team leader, giving guidance and support to my exec, encouraging collaboration between the exec, and driving the team to success. I have also implemented various steps to increase efficiency, including changing the meeting structure, highlighting and assessing individual responsibilities each week, and adding a weekly review section to the executive meetings to increase accountability. I am striving to create a professional and positive environment where my exec feel supported and encouraged, and are able to succeed to the best of their abilities.

VP Corporate: Katsi Yeung

During my first two years at the University of Ottawa, I grew an appreciation and love for the CSCE community and knew I wanted to get involved. An event  such as Industry Night allowed me network with professionals and many students. After meeting several people, I knew that joining CSCE would be a great opportunity to build and maintain relationships with others. Building professional relationships is the best step in finding meaningful work experience.

My goal is to open these doors further for students to network, learn about great opportunities, and extend their knowledge about the industry. I plan to achieve this by organizing speaker nights and bringing companies to talk about their recent projects and goals in the civil engineering society. My responsibilities include providing financial and professional needs through maintaining corporate relations. During this 2017-2018 school year, I hope to help further student’s academic experience as VP Corporate Affairs.

VP Social: Teanna Maia Chase

My name is Teanna Maia Chase, and this year I am the VP Social for CSCE. I’m in my third year of civil engineering at the University of Ottawa. I joined CSCE with the hopes of creating events where we can learn more about the innovations and opportunities out there. I believe that now, as students, it’s crucial to get out, learn and grow within the engineering field. The perfect way to do so? Events! Events offer us chances to network and participate in both professional and social environments. That being said, in addition to the yearly events such as Speaker Night, I plan to introduce new events that showcase our civil engineering spirit as well.

VP Internal: Batool Khozema

I am in third year civil engineering. My reason for joining is to get involved with the civil engineering community at uOttawa. I am responsible for all  merchandise. My goal for this year is to sell as many sweaters and patches as possible to increase the representation of civil engineering students on campus. I plan to achieve this by advertising the merchandise via social
media and spreading the word!

VP Communication: Lauryn Farrell

My name is Lauryn and I am the VP Communications. I am a fourth year civil engineering student and I joined CSCE because I am passionate about my field of study and I would like to share that passion with my fellow students. Our CSCE student chapter is an awesome way to meet new friends in civil engineering, connect with professionals, and learn more about the field, so I like being involved because I am able to grow as a person and in my knowledge as an engineering student. I am responsible for managing all of our chapter’s social media accounts and webpage. My plans for CSCE this year include spreading awareness and encouraging more students to become involved, attend events, and purchase merchandise. I would love to see a great movement of students register to be part of the national CSCE, and one way I am planning on doing this as VP Communication is by creating a ‘mailing list’ that students can sign up for. I will send out emails concerning upcoming events, job opportunities, and our merchandise, so that all students on the mailing list will be fully informed of what is going on with our club. Another way I would like to promote CSCE is by making our student chapter our own instagram account. I find that facebook is a dying platform and Instagram is where we should be marketing ourselves. It is my hope that through the mailing list and our new instagram account, we will be able to garner more attention and introduce students to the exciting world of CSCE!

VP Finance: Marcel Girard

My name is Marcel Girard and I am a third year civil engineering student, I joined the UOttawa CSCE student chapter in the hopes of making it possible for other students to get more involved
in extracurricular. As VP Finance for the chapter, my main responsibility is to make sure all the funding for the activities planed is available and if it is not, to make sure we find the funds to be able to all accomplish our ideas. I will also be responsible for making the chapter as transparent as possible. My main goal for this year is to organize the chapter finances as to be ready for the many years of events and to keep our core values at the forefront of the decisions. I will also do my best to spread the funds we do have to send students to conferences, networking events and site tours.

VP External: Rukyya Badreldin


Hi! My name is Rukyya and I am this year’s VP External Affairs for CSCE uOttawa. For the past 3 years I have been involved with CSCE uOttawa Chapter. I have participated as a year representative, as the director of external affairs and I am currently the Vice-President of External Affairs. My position entails organizing our networking events, Industry Night, which encourages students to network with professionals. After organizing this event for the first time last year, it has now become a yearly tradition for uOttawa CSCE, and I plan to keep the tradition going this year. Secondly, I am the liaison between the civil engineering competition teams that uOttawa offers, such as Concrete Canoe and Concrete Toboggan.
My goal this year is to develop and strengthen connections between our student chapter and competition teams and with the help of VP Corporate Affairs, make Industry Night better than ever!